Father’s Day Gift Ideas Aspen

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that help you disconnect and appreciate the world around you, whether it’s getting outdoors, reading a good book, or just spending time with family and friends. This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that helps him relax, explore new places, have fun, or simply enjoy those little moments of peace and quiet that he’s more than amply earned. From the stylish dad to the grilling connoisseur, we have you covered with our latest Father’s Day gift guide. Take a look below to find a gift that’s sure to suit his personality.

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1. New Balance 997H Sneakers, at Macys

If your dad loves retro style and comfort, he’ll appreciate these casual sneakers from New Balance. They’re inspired by the 90’s cult classic and updated for today’s fashion. The genuine suede upper with mesh provides breathability, while the lightweight sole offers comfort and support. With a black and cayenne color scheme, they’re easy to pair with any outfit, whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a button-down and khakis.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Retro Shoes
997H Casual Sneakers from Finish Line

2. Cork Wallet, at Made Trade

This wallet by Tiradia Cork is handmade in Portugal from a durable cork fabric. It’s a unique and renewable resource that comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The harvesting process is highly regulated to ensure the long-term health of the tree, so not only is this a great-looking gift, but it’s also an eco-friendly one as well. It has a bifold design, with 8 credit card slots, interior pocket inserts, and a cash compartment. As a material for fashion and accessories, cork is durable, water-resistant, long-lasting, and it wears beautifully.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Cork Wallet
Fellowship Cork Wallet, Army Green

3. Hand-Carved Boxes from Ghana, at NOVICA

This hand-carved box is a unique and thoughtful gift for the dad who loves all things fishing. It’s made by Anna Yawson, a talented wood carver from Ghana. Her sculptures and boxes feature beautiful African-themed designs, including Benin crocodiles, hand-carved masks, and graceful African ducks. They’re made from native sese wood and painted by hand, adorned with materials such as white clay and aluminum to add texture and a rugged finish.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Hand Carved Wooden Fish Box
“Blue Ga Fish” from West Africa

4. Mayan Hammock, at NOVICA

Your dad will want to drift away in one of these colorful and practical hammocks made by the Maya Artists of the Yucatán. Traditional in style and durability, hammocks from the Yucatán Peninsula are well-known for the quality of their weave. And though they’ve been around for centuries, these modern versions offer a unique glimpse into the weaving techniques of the past. The history alone makes it a great gift. And did we mention, they’re perfect for relaxing outdoors or stargazing at night?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Mayan Hammock
“Tropical Paradise” by Maya Artists of the Yucatán

5. Travel Series, at Wondrium

Give your dad a gift subscription for Wondrium’s streaming service. It features travel lectures taught by renowned experts and educators who will take you on amazing journeys around the globe. You can explore the Mayan world, or travel the Roman Empire, and discover the rich history and culture of these regions in a way that books and videos can’t capture. But that’s not all. Wondrium also offers a vast selection of courses and documentaries on subjects such as history, astronomy, art, culture, cooking, and so much more.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Exploring
Exploring the Mayan World with Edwin Barnhart

6. Barbecue Deluxe Collection, at The Spice House

This collection of barbecue rubs and spices would make a great gift for the dad who loves to cook outdoors. It features a diverse line-up of eight fantastic blends, including a Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and a Bronzeville Southern Rib Rub. They’re a great way to add flavor to whatever he’s grilling. These spices are also sold in smaller sets, and individually, so you can customize your favorites.

BBQ Spice Gift Set
Seasonings, Rubs, and Spices

7. Online Cooking Classes, at Sur La Table

Make the most of Sur La Table’s online cooking classes with a gift that lets your dad hone his cooking skills. Each livestream Zoom class is about 90 to 120 minutes long, and they’re reasonably priced at $29 per household. They have a wide selection of cuisine types to choose from, and their calendar view is quite helpful for picking out specific classes and times. For example, past course offerings have included Mediterranean Meets Moroccan and an Online Ramen Bar. Sur La Table is always adding new and exciting online cooking classes to their catalog, so your dad will never run out of things to learn and enjoy in the kitchen.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Cooking Class
Online Tuscan Steak Night

8. Bumi Eco Duffel Bag, at Made Trade

Here’s a great gym bag made with heavy-duty, 100% organic cotton canvas. This duffle bag by Terra Thread is a perfect gift for the dad who’s eco-conscious but also wants a quality product that looks good. They’re a sustainable brand offering bags and apparel made with natural fibers, no toxic chemicals, or unnecessary packaging. Handcrafted in Kolkata, India, these duffle bags measure 13″ high x 22″ wide x 12″ deep. They come in a variety of colors, from olive green to charcoal.

Gift Ideas: Duffle Bag
Made By Terra Thread

9. Pacific Coast Mint Eco Teabag Sachets, at Art of Tea

A cup of tea can’t truly fly you through the sky to some distant, mist-covered locale, but a hot cup of Pacific Coast mint brings that peaceful scene to you. This curated blend of organic spearmint and peppermint from Art of Tea is precisely what Dad needs at the end of the day, a cup rich in flavor without caffeine, bidding farewell to Father’s Day with a gentle note of relaxation.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Pacific Mint Tea
CAFFEINE FREE, Pacific Coast Mint Blend, 50 Teabags

10. OHOM Self-Heating Ceramic Mug, at Food52

If you’re looking for something more tech-related, you might like this self-heating mug by OHOM. It comes with a charging pad that regulates the temperature of your beverage to a constant 130°F and keeps it warm for hours. You can also use the same base as a wireless charging station for your phone. The handcrafted Ui mug holds 12 fluid ounces and has a lid to retain the heat. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re not actively drinking your coffee or tea. And better still, this mug is dishwasher safe.

Gift Ideas: Temperature Control Mug
Self-Heating Mug, Deep Navy

11. Handblown Beer Glasses, at NOVICA

This handblown mug set includes six 13-ounce glasses with amber rims and handles. They’re well-designed, with a bit of heft to the thicker glass that gives them a unique, rustic appeal. As with most handblown glassware, there may be slight variations in size and shape due to the nature of the glass-blowing process, but that’s what makes this set so special. Your dad will love these glasses, whether he’s watching a ballgame or just relaxing outdoors.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Handblown Beer Glasses
“Amber Beer” Glasses, Novica Handblown Collection