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If you’ve had a chance to look over our blog, you’ll see we love things that are unique and handmade. From blown glassware to handwoven table runners, these decorative elements look amazing when they’re combined with other natural materials. Whether it’s a colorful Talavera plate or a classic, solid pine hacienda chair, their rich colors and varied textures create a dining space that feels warm and inviting. But knowing where to find meaningful, handcrafted pieces isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together a resource guide with some of our favorite shops and artisans. Along with our go-to Fiesta dinnerware and other helpful kitchen essentials, we hope this guide will help you redefine the way you style your table.

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Resource Guide for Handblown Recycled Glass Tumblers
Cobalt blue recycled glass tumblers by Lulu and Daniel

Mexican Handblown Glass

The charm and popularity of Mexican handblown glass comes from its easy-going, rustic appeal. It’s heavier and a bit thicker than traditional glassware and unique with subtle variations in size and shape. Each piece is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Along with tiny bubbles suspended in the glass and beautiful, deep rich hues, it has a distinct look all its own. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, it’s easy to make your dinner party stand out. Imagine bringing a fabulous dessert to the table in a gorgeous, handblown margarita glass.

Handblown Glass Pitcher
“Elegant Energy” handblown glass pitcher by Javier and Efren

Javier and Efrén
Handblown Glassware

Javier and Efrén have been working with blown glass for over 30 years, creating beautifully designed, original pieces. Using vibrant colors, they achieve a wide range of effects during the glass blowing process. Patterns range from swirling ribbons of green and blue to jewel-toned, solid hues. As stylish as they are functional, they’re perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for wine glasses, tumblers, or a sleek-looking pitcher, their blown glass collection can easily fit a casual or contemporary table.

Mexican Handblown Drinking Glasses
Antique French Butter Bowl Dish
Antique French Faience Quimper Lidded Butter Bowl Dish

Antique and Vintage Decor

Chairish is an exceptional online marketplace where you’ll find vintage, contemporary, antique, and that rare must-have design piece. Whether you’re looking for an Art Deco table lamp or circa 1920 French butter bowl, having access to a wide range of quality pieces in one place is invaluable. It’s a great platform for both buyers and sellers with new inventory being added daily. As far as furniture and design accessories go, it’s vintage and fresh at the same time.

Handwoven Table Runners
“White Nun Orchid” handwoven table runner by Mayra Leticia Hernandez

Table Runners

NOVICA has put together a wonderful collection of table runners crafted by artisans around the world. They exemplify a mix of traditional techniques and artistic expression from Guatemala to Ghana. Here you can find runners woven on a backstrap loom, hand embroidered, or painted with a batik dyeing method. They offer a wide range of styles that will instantly add color and creative design options to an otherwise ordinary table setting.

Resource Guide for Zapotec Area Rugs
“Wave Frieze” Zapotec area rug by Mario Chavez

Zapotec Rugs

These finely woven rugs are made by the Zapotec weavers of Oaxaca, Mexico. Each textile is a beautiful example of Zapotec art, representing generations of weaving knowledge. Colors range from bold and bright to subdued and earthy. Patterns vary as well, from traditional designs to contemporary, making them a perfect fit for a variety of room styles. And while they look incredible on the floor, they can also fill an empty space on a wall and transform an entire room.

Resource Guide for Majolica Pottery
Gorky Gonzalez long majolica platter

Gorky Gonzalez
Majolica Pottery

Gorky Gonzalez is well known for reviving the majolica pottery style of Mexico’s colonial period. This ceramic tradition was gradually lost over time, but through extensive study and experimenting with early designs and techniques, he was able to recreate the original process. Today, his workshop in Guanajuato is recognized as one of the most important majolica studios in Mexico. Under the direction of his son, Gorky Gonzalez Ono, they produce a wide array of beautiful, handmade majolica dinnerware. Among the pieces in this collection, you’ll find plates, platters, serving bowls, traditional majolica jars, and much more.

Gorky Gonzalez Majolica Salsa Bowl
Reverse-Painted Glass Serving Tray
Reverse-painted glass tray by Asunta Pelaez, inspired by the Basilica and Convent of Santo Domingo in Lima

Peruvian Reverse-Painted Glass

These stunning trays are created using the technique of reverse painting on glass, an artform dating back to Peru’s colonial era. With fine details applied first, the image is built up in reverse order on the back side of a glass pane. It’s a meticulous process that reveals an intricate design when viewed from the opposite side. As a serving tray, it’s ideal for entertaining, blending both art and function. Although we’re highlighting serving trays, these artists are also known for their elaborate, hand-painted mirror frames and boxes.

Hand Carved Serving Spoon
Handmade jobillo wood serving spoon from Guatemala by Peten Wood Artisan Sculptors

Handcrafted Serveware

When it comes to entertaining, an unusual serving piece is a great way to add a unique touch to your table setting. Whether it’s a graceful, ceramic teapot from Thailand or a serving spoon carved from a single piece of jobillo wood, this collection has everything you need to create a memorable table. As an impact marketplace, NOVICA works directly with artisans around the world, connecting consumers with traditional handcrafts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to purchase handmade items that might otherwise be inaccessible, while at the same time empowering artists with the means to create sustainable businesses. With a diverse range of serveware to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your style.

Where to buy Authentic Puebla Talavera Dinnerware
Talavera plate by Maximo Huerta

Puebla Talavera

La Fuente Imports has a large selection of authentic Mexican Talavera dishes, from individual plates, platters, and bowls to full dinner sets. Whether you’re looking for a few colorful accent pieces or prefer a table set entirely with Talavera dinnerware, your choices are almost endless. These pieces are beautifully handcrafted by studios in Puebla, Mexico, and they’re 100% lead free.

Resource Guide for Southwest and Rustic Furniture
Santana armchair, Rustic Pine Furniture Collection

Rustic and Southwest Furniture

In addition to Talavera dishes, La Fuente Imports also carries a large online collection of rustic and southwest furniture. They have pieces for every room, from dining tables built with solid pine construction to carved sideboards made from reclaimed wood. You’ll also find carved tables, chairs, benches, and headboards brightly hand painted with scenes of flowers and village life.

Red and White Otomi Table Runner
Otomi hand-embroidered table runner by Amairani Rosales

Otomí Embroidery

These elaborate textiles come from the Otomí artisans of Hidalgo, Mexico. Commonly known as tenangos, they’re recognized by their beautiful designs embroidered with multicolored and monochromatic threads. It’s a distinct style of embroidery that’s specific to the Otomí people, incorporating imagery unique to their culture and natural surroundings. The motifs range from stylized plants and animals to abstract designs. Each piece is highly detailed and can take months or more to complete. With this selection of Otomí embroidery, you’ll find table runners, tablecloths, pillow covers, and more.

Resource Guide for Fiesta Dinnerware
Fiesta Dinnerware, turquoise 16-Piece set, service for 4

Fiesta Dinnerware

When we say that Fiesta dinnerware is our go-to casual dinnerware, we really mean it. With so many bold, bright colors to choose from, it’s easy to create a table that reflects your personality. Whether you mix and match the colors or play up a single hue, the solid tones blend perfectly with accent dishes like Talavera serving platters and bowls. It’s a great way to change up a look or transform the table setting entirely. At Macys, you’ll find a large selection of Fiesta dinnerware, and even better, they have frequent sales and promotions.

Fiesta Dinnerware Table Setting
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Engaging, educational content for life-long learners


Wondrium is a digital streaming service from the company behind The Great Courses. They have a huge library of educational content in subjects such as history, music, art, science, and travel, just to name a few. We wanted to include it in our selection of resources because of their partnership with The Culinary Institute of America. They offer a variety of cooking courses taught by professional chefs. But if you have interests other than cooking, you might want to enhance your photography skills, learn a language, or take a virtual tour of Ancient Egypt.

Resource Guide for Spices
Essential spices from A to Z

The Spice House

The Spice House carries more herbs and spices than I thought existed, from everyday essentials to those that are more exotic and harder to find. They’re made in small batches, so you know the flavors are always fresh. You can purchase them by the jar or in convenient, half-cup flatpacks which ship free, even if you buy just one. This is a good way to try out some new and unusual spices or if you just need a small amount. Whether you’re adding to your own supply or choosing a boxed set as a gift, you’ll find a great selection at the Spice House to enhance any dish.